Social Responsibility

About Underground Threads

Underground Threads exists to deliver behind-the-scenes printing for big brands, home-grown businesses and one-off specialty orders. The very nature of our business connects us with people across the country and world, and we take serious responsibility to treat others with dignity and kindness, steward our resources well and give back to the community around us. 


Print On Demand

Every product Underground Threads prints is on-demand, which means it doesn’t exist until someone orders it. On-demand printing means decreases in our waste (less money spent on supplies and warehouse storage, less energy used to print and ship,  and less garments ending up in landfills).


FLA Code of Conduct

It’s Underground Threads’ responsibility to ensure safe working conditions, minimize environmental impact, and treat all employees with respect and dignity. To make sure these requirements are met, we adhere to the FLA Code of Conduct and its benchmark standards. 


Employment Relationships

Respect and safeguard workers’ rights according to national and international laws and regulations. 



We have a passion for letting people be uniquely themselves — after all, that’s the whole idea behind our business. Underground Threads does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social group, or ethnic group. 


Harassment or Abuse

Employees are treated with dignity and respect. No physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse is used or tolerated.


Forced Labor

No use of prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor, or any other possible forms of forced labor.


Child Labor

No one employed under the age of 15 or under the age for completion of compulsory education. Whichever is higher.


Health, Safety and Environment

We provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace setting. In compliance with all laws, regulations and standards applicable to our business, we ensure there are no working conditions that pose a risk of serious harm to our workers. 


Whistleblower Protection

We ensure that employees are able to use their rights under the law to report or refuse to participate in activities or conditions that would result in a violation of a state or federal statue, rule or regulation, without retaliation and discrimination. We do not make, adopt or enforce any rule, regulation or policy preventing an employee from being a whistleblower. We do not retaliate against an employee for having exercised their rights under the law. 


Freedom of Association

Recognize and respect the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining. No employees will be subject to harassment, intimidation or retaliation as a result of their efforts to freely associate or bargain collectively. We will allow union organizers reasonable access to employees and must recognize the union of the employees’ choice. 


Hours of Work

Can’t exceed regular and overtime hours allowed by law. Must give at least 24 consecutive hours of rest every 7 days. 



Should be at least minimum wage, meet workers’ needs, provide some extra income, and include required fringe benefits.



Not permitted without prior written approval. Should be monitored for social compliance using FLA Code standards. 


Code Communication

Code is posted in a visible place frequented by employees in the language spoken by employees, supervisors, and managers.



Comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing bribery and corruption in all countries in which we do business. We never act in a manner that could cause any vendor or customer to feel obliged to make a gift, provide entertainment, or provide personal favors in order to do or continue to do business with us.


Equal Rights

All workers receive equal treatment including benefits, evaluation of quality of work, and equal opportunity to fill all positions regardless of gender or any other protected classes. 


Giving Back to Our Community

This isn’t a part of the FLA Code of Conduct, but we believe giving back to our community is an important part of our work. We’re proud to support Justin’s Place, a Fort Worth organization working to break the cycle of generational poverty for moms and kids in east Fort Worth. Some of the Justin’s Place moms work in our shop — we mean it when we say we’re invested.


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